Ultimate Guide for Buying Designer Eyeglasses

When it comes to buying designer eyeglasses and sunglasses, you need to consider the shape and size of your face to find a functional and well-fitting pair. Before we discuss what to think about when purchasing designer eyewear, let us look at the reasons why you should opt for a set of designer frames.

Designer glasses are an excellent investment because:

  • They are durable and feature superior quality lenses to protect your eyes.
  • Designer eyeglasses are a perfect accessory and make an excellent fashion statement.
  • You get more options with designer eyewear.

Read on to learn more about face sizes and shapes and how you can choose the perfect eyewear according to your skin tone, hair colour, and other features.

Different Face Shapes

  • Oval Face Shape
    It has balanced proportions, which is why it is often considered the ideal shape. If you have an oval-shaped face, be sure to check out eyeglass frames, such as the walnut-shaped ones, that are as wide as the broadest portion of your face.
  • Oblong Face Shape
    As the name indicates, this face shape has a long, straight cheek line. You can try eyewear that has more depth and decorative frames to make your face appear more balanced.
  • Heart-Shaped Face
    Also known as a base-up triangle shape, a heart-shaped face has a narrow bottom and wide top, which is best for frames that are wider at the bottom. You can opt for rimless frames and thin, light-coloured designer eyeglasses that have an airy appearance.
  • Diamond Face Shape
    A diamond-shaped face has broad cheekbones and a narrow jawline and forehead and is the rarest. Timeless eyeglasses frames with distinctive designs and oval or cat-eye shaped glasses are a few suitable options for this face type.
  • Square Face Shape
    This face type is characterized by a broad forehead and strong jaw with the length and width of roughly the same proportions. You may try frames with more width, narrow frames, and narrow designer eyewear to soften the angles.
  • Base-Down Triangle
    This face type widens at the chin and cheek areas and has a narrow forehead. To add more width, you may check out heavily accented glass frames that have a colourful top half and cat-eye shapes.
  • Round Face Shape
    The round face shape has the same length and width proportions, curved lines, and no sharp angles. To make your face appear longer and thinner, you should check out narrow, angular designer eyeglasses, wider frames, and rectangular eyewear.

Best Eyeglasses for Your Eye Colour, Skin Tone, & Hair Colour

Skin Tone

Skin tones are either warm or cool. A warm complexion has cream, yellow, or peaches cast while a cool skin tone has pink or blue undertones. Olive skin is commonly considered cool because it is a combination of yellow and blue.

Eye Colour

Since there are many variations, eye colours are generally considered as a secondary element when choosing eyewear. For instance, brown eyes range from a light cider shade to almost black, and blue eyes can vary from almost-violet to a pale blue-grey hue.

Hair Colour

Like skin tone, hair colours also are considered cool or warm. Platinum, strawberry blond, white, ash, salt-and-pepper, blue-black, and auburn are the cooler shades, while warm ones include brownish-black, golden blond, dirty gray, and brown-gold.

Eyeglass Frame Colours

Once you determine if you are cool or warm, you can decide which eyeglass frame colours best suit you. Khaki, copper, gold, orange, peach, off-white, coral, warm blue, fire-engine red, and blond tortoise are a few of the best choices for warm hues. If you fall under the cool category, the best eyeglass frame shades are silver, black, blue-grey, rose-brown, plum, pink, magenta, blue, jade, and darker tortoise.

Top 5 Features to Look for in Designer Sunglasses

  1. UV Protection
    UV protection is the primary function of your sunglasses. Ensure that your sunglasses provide adequate protection against UV rays. You may also choose sunglasses with anti-reflective and polarized lenses to decrease glare.
  2. Fit
    In addition to aesthetics, the way your sunglasses fit also affects how efficient they are when it comes to protecting your eyes. It helps to choose a pair that has the lens lined up with the center of your eye and fits properly without being too uncomfortable.
  3. Shape
    The shape you choose is an aesthetic choice, which is why it helps to find a pair that best suits your facial features. There are many shapes of designer sunglasses available, including wayfarer, cat eye, aviator, and wraparound styles. Also, athletic sunglasses are slimmer, fit snugly against your face, and a great choice when it comes to effectively blocking UV rays.
  4. Material
    Most designer sunglasses are made of plastic, particularly the lenses. However, the type of plastic can make a lot of difference. It helps to choose a pair with durable, lighter plastic as they are less likely to shatter and hurt your eyes.
  5. Tint
    Different lens tints filter light differently. It helps to keep the following in mind:
  6. Grey-tinted lenses are the best for driving because they help reduce brightness without distorting colour.
  7. Brown and amber lenses also reduce glare and blue light.
  8. Gradient lenses are darker at the top and fade towards the bottom. They help block sunlight without clouding your view too much.

Popular Designer Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Popular designer names in sunglasses and eyeglasses include Michael Kors, Vogue, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and more. It helps to know that if you prefer the clothing styles from a designer, you may like the design of their glasses as well.

U Optical Features an Extensive Selection of Designer Eyewear

Ultimate Guide for Buying Designer Eyeglasses

The real test of which designer eyeglasses, including sunglasses, are best for you is the fit, comfort, and how the frame complements your facial features and colouring. At U Optical, we carry a wide range of eyewear by big brands to meet the varied needs of our clients. We will understand your needs and help you choose the most suitable pair.

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