Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common eye condition caused due to poor tear quality, abnormal tear quantity, and inadequate lubrication of the eye. In addition to this, recent surgery, hormonal change, specific medication, medical conditions, and unhealthy living and work environments may also aggravate dry eye.

It is essential to consult a qualified doctor at a reputable dry eye clinic such as U Optical to know what you can do to enhance your ocular health. We have experts to help you understand the symptoms of dry eye syndrome and provide treatment accordingly.

Dry Eyes Symptoms

Listed below are the common symptoms of dry eyes, that can negatively affect your vision:



Irritation and pain

Gritty sensation or sandy feeling

Tired and heavy eyes

Watery eyes

Blurry vision

Increased sensitivity to light

Excessive blinking

The Experts at U Optical Can Help

U Optical is a leading optical store and dry eye clinic. We have qualified experts to help you tackle dry eyes with suitable treatment. Our team of dedicated eye care specialists will work to understand your condition, examine your eye health, and guide you with appropriate measures.

We understand that the identification of the type of dry eye is critical to dry eye management. This is why we have excellent infrastructure and advanced diagnostic tools to help our patients.

Our Process of Dry Eyes Treatment

We provide a dry eye impact questionnaire to our patients to help us better understand their condition.

Our specialists will conduct the necessary diagnostic tests to assess the amount and quality of tears.

We will analyze the reports to confirm the results.

We focus on the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of dry eye and use unique and established techniques to treat this ocular condition.

Our eye care professionals will provide you with detailed instructions to help improve your vision.

Our specialists will monitor your progress through individualized treatment and ensure you receive the best care.

Contact our Dry Eye Clinic for the Best Results

At U Optical, we care about your eye health and have qualified eye care specialists to help you deal with dry eyes. We will evaluate the health of your eyes and come up with a customized plan to treat your dry eye condition.

To schedule a consultation at the U Optical dry eye clinic, call 416-292-0075. We’ll be happy to guide you!